Best Courses in HR Analytics

Analytics is slowly finding relevance in Human Resources, and along with this new rage of HR intelligence come a multitude of questions.  Why does a HR team even need analytics?  How does analytics add value to HR?  Is it just about providing more dashboards, complex math and spreadsheets?  Analytics is itself an evolving concept, and […]

How HR Analytics has helped Mindtree in predicting Employee Turnover

Analytics has helped us in predicting employee turnover: Ravi Shankar, EVP & Chief People Officer, Mindtree (via InformationWeek India) In the highly competitive IT services industry, where ‘human capital’ is the most crucial factor in impacting profitability, analytics can play a significant role. Not surprisingly, in India, almost all the top HR heads of IT […]

Growth of Data Analytics – A Virtuous Circle

Though analytics is not a new field, it has shot up in popularity in last decade or so.  We can attribute this growth in 3 key factors that have led business to shift towards analytics and their reliance on data rather than intuition.   1. More Data is Being Produced:  There has been a tremendous […]