Executive Program In Business Analytics By MISB Bocconi

MISB Bocconi recently announced the launch of their new Executive Program in Business Analytics (EBPA) in partnership with Jigsaw Academy. The program focuses on giving participants an understanding of predictive modeling, data mining, big data analytics, marketing, operations and risk analytics, among other analytics areas. On program completion, participants will be capable of data driven […]

Post Graduation in Business Analytics by Great Lakes

Business Analytics has come to stay as a growth driver for many new generation organizations. Gone are those days when managers will make decisions on the basis of their own guts or by extrapolating macro-economic indicators and their likely impact on individual businesses. Decisions made in the absence of information and data have proven to […]

Using Big Data to Find In-House Talent

Companies are using HR programs that transform the employee profile from neglected nicety into a powerful tool—letting them find skills that don’t match a worker’s job description or even their self-description.   Read the complete article here - http://www.forbes.com/sites/netapp/2014/04/29/big-data-in-hr/

How HR Analytics can Transform the Work Place

  Big data also has attracted the attention of human resource managers who now can analyze mountains of structured and unstructured data to answer important questions regarding workforce productivity, the impact of training programs on enterprise performance, predictors of workforce attrition, and how to identify potential leaders.   Read the complete article Here

Predict Attrition in a Company by Help of Analytics

There’s always a sense of apprehension when someone walks down to the HR desk to put down their papers.  More so if it is a key employee whose loss is going to be a definite setback.  Then people wonder – the upper management, the line manager, the HR department – how it is that they […]